Bluegrass Camp Germany

In April, 2014, we introduced Bluegrass Camp Germany  to the European Bluegrass community and are very delighted to have been a part of an experience that brought together so many talented musicians for a wonderful weekend of friendship, music and illegal amounts of fun and laughter. More than 85 students and 10 teachers from Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, England, Holland, USA, Canada, Denmark, Spain, France, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Germany converged on the sleepy little village of Fischbachau, Bavaria to participate in our little get together. Bluegrass Camp Germany is an acoustic instrument & harmony singing music camp that specializes in teaching our students a traditional, straightforward style of American Bluegrass Music. Due to the overwhelming success of our previous camps, we have expanded our 2016 Camp to 4 days in order to further enhance our students' experience. Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass Music, is the person we take our inspiration from. We follow Bill’s philosophy and his belief that you should learn his music from someone sitting right down in front of you that can help you to understand the timings, tunings and subtle intricacies required to help you share with the people the song buried inside your musical heart.